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Three Phase Variac Type Servo Stabilizer - Oil Cooled

Servokon specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality Oil Cooled Digital Servo Stabilizer to give optimum voltage supply solutions to all types of industrial, official and residential needs. Days are gone when individual stabilizers used to be installed with every electrical equipment. With our oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers, we offer customized single stabilizer solution that caters to the complete electrical load and voltage supply. The control circuit of our oil cooled servo stabilizer controls the voltage or power automatically and regulates it to a level that is set or required. The best part is that in the entire operation, the voltage regulator doesn’t require any manual interruption, it functions automatically. Once it is set, you need not to check the voltage every time the main voltage fluctuates.


Phase Three Phase
Type Automatic

Features of Servokon Three Phase Variac Type Servo Stabilizer - Oil Cooled

  • Wide Input Range-from 90v to 330v
  • Latest Digital Microprocessor Controller
  • High quality raw material
  • High efficiency
  • Saves power and Reduces MDI
  • Long life with negligible maintenance