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Distribution Transformer with Built In HT AVR (Two In One)

Servokon’s Distribution Transformer with Built-in-AVR is an ideal alternative for indoor/outdoor installation with Copper Wound DT. The 2 in 1 mechanism is a ground-breaking product in the industry for the purpose of voltage regulation and stabilization. The installation of standard distribution transformer might not solve the problem of low/high voltage on the LT side, resulting in improper operation of the electrical equipments, premature failure & production loss of a plant. The standard off-circuit tapping of transformers can correct only limited voltage variation and cannot regulate the entitre voltage while in ‘On Load’ conditions. So Servokon has developed a 2-in-1 system with inbulit HT Automatic Voltage regulator that operates on load, sleeplessly & provides stabilized voltage on the LT side. The equipment is an amalgamation of HT AVR with a standard distribution transformer in which the fluctuating voltage is initially controlled by the HT AVR and then fed to the transformer which stabilizes the LT with ± 1% output accuracy.

Perks of having HT Automatic Voltage Regulator:

  • Compact design
  • Highly efficient
  • Reduces MDI
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Low installation cost
  • Reduces power loss by 50%

Distribution Transformer With Built In Ht Avr (Two In One) Quality

We always ensure that our products execute IS Standards and are tested thoroughly by our team as we are entirely devoted to fulfill our commitment to serve our customers with reliable and robust products.

Applications of Servokon Distribution Transformer with Built In HT AVR (Two In One)

  • Cold Storages
  • Hotel
  • RO Plants
  • Sugar Mills
  • Offset Printing Industry
  • Oil Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Engineering Units
  • Rubber Industries
  • Food Processing Units
  • Rolling Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Textile Mills
  • Tea Estate
  • Cement Plant
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Flour Mills
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals